7 Tips to Prepare a Quality Herbal Tea

All year round, whether it is hot or cold, herbal teas come to our rescue, certainly to moisturize, but especially to bring to our body the benefits of plants. To take full advantage of their qualities, here are some simple tips to prepare a herbal tea while retaining the maximum of virtues of the plants used.

Tip # 1. Know the virtues of plants and associated herbal teas

We start with the obvious: to prepare effective herbal teas for your body, you will have to get to know the most common plants and especially those that meet your needs.

To do this, one can of course read the relevant literature, especially on consoGlobe.com, but also seek advice from a pharmacist, or participate in events discovered at festivals or local events devoted to nature..

Tip # 2. Be attentive to the quality of plants

To prepare a quality herbal tea, it is the quality of the plants that we will have to watch. For that, one must know the origin. Of course, you can not pick everything yourself, but it can be interesting to grow some common herbs such as thyme, rosemary, mint, sage or basil. These plants can even be installed in planters on the balcony.

If you buy dried plants, prefer specialists, pharmacies and herbalists, rather than markets, where provenance is not guaranteed.

Tip # 3. Do not keep your herbal tea in plastic

A rule to remember is not to keep plants in plastic, especially for long periods of time. The main risk is that plants will mold due to lack of air and conservation is not ideal.

So that the plants needed for herbal teas remain in good condition, initially store them in their original bag. At home, opt for food safe containers, including cardboard boxes, wood or jars glass or porcelain pots.

Tip # 4. Herbal tea: pay attention to the quantities and watch the dates

Buy only the amount of plants needed for your herbal cure. You will say that you can always reuse these plants. Why not, but they do have a shelf life, you cannot use them many years later! Record the date of purchase and/or collection on the container in which you keep the plants. After about a year, the plants lose their therapeutic properties.

Tip # 5. Prepare a complete cure of herbal tea for the day, no more

For the same reason as in tip 4, you should prepare a herbal tea to consume that same day, otherwise the effects will be lost. On the other hand, it is quite possible to prepare a large quantity in the morning and warm it gently during the day.

Tip # 6. Prepare your herbal teas in the right containers

Select metal-free utensils, such as enamelled pans, and porcelain or unbreakable glasses and cups.

Iron and aluminum will alter the healing properties of plants. Aluminum, is in any case, toxic to health.

Tip # 7. Use the right water for your herbal tea

Tap water often contains chlorine and limestone – not to mention drugs – especially in some US regions. It is better to filter your tap water. As a last resort, use non-carbonated mineral spring water, which we do not recommend for the environmental impact that mineral water transportation represents!

Finally, it will be better if you do not sweeten your herbal tea, so as not to add unnecessary sugar. If you must, to avoid altering the quality of the herbal tea, do not use refined sugar, use honey or agave syrup, or any unrefined brown sugar or candy sugar.