10 Useful Bach Flowers to Know

It was in the beginning of the 1930s that Dr. Bach, a homeopathic doctor, discovered the energizing power of flowers. He developed 38 floral remedies made by macerating sun-dried flowers and then adding alcohol. Today, his elixirs are world famous and their benefits are proven.

Each of Bach's flower essences is a deep feeling, trait of character. It is therefore important to know each other well to choose the one that suits you best and will allow you to find your inner balance. Among the 38 floral remedies, some are known as they are acclaimed.

1. The Star of Bethlehem

Brought back from Palestine by the Crusaders, the Star of Bethlehem, is one of the most requested Bach flowers. This remedy helps to overcome the challenges and helps to calm psychosomatic disorders. It facilitates entry into a process of inner healing and appeasement. It is also recommended for babies who have suffered during childbirth.

2. Walnut

A Flower of transition and adaptation beyond compare, Walnut is intended for people who need to change something in their lives and who cannot adapt to a new situation. It is a precious remedy to deal with changes like a move for example. It also allows to go through the major stages of life (puberty, menopause…).

3. The Helianthem

Are you in the grip of panic fears and various terrors? The Helianthem is for you. If you are a witness to or an accident victim, have escaped a natural disaster, have nightmares or suffer from vertigo, this floral elixir can help you overcome this fear that paralyzes you.

4. The Larch

People who lack self-confidence, fear of failure, or feel inferior may turn to Larch as a remedy. This elixir is recommended for those who are easily discouraged and think "they will never get there". It allows you to take exams such as a baccalaureate or a driving license.

5. The White Chestnut

Native to the mountainous regions of Greece, the White Chestnut is recommended to soothe the minds of worried or concerned people who ask too many questions. This Bach flower treats unease and allows you to have clearer ideas.

6. Beech

Beech is for perfectionists as well as people with a critical nature, who show arrogance, intolerance and see only the negative side of things. According to Dr. Bach, this remedy is for those "who feel the need to see more good and beauty in everything around them."

7. The Oak

Your life is a permanent struggle? You are determined and never give up? You go beyond your limits and can not let go? Try the Oak. This floral elixir is intended, according to Dr. Bach, to "those who fight and fight vigorously to get well, or to assume the daily".

8. The Bruyere

Those who need everything around their little one and who do not care about others' concerns should take Bruyere! This flower indeed makes it possible to avoid the feeling of loneliness inherent to this egocentric character. It helps them to open up to others and agree to stop talking only about them.

9. The Mustard

Mustard to good for those who are prone to bouts of depression without reason. Mustard recommended because this floral elixir can overcome his melancholy or sadness. It is the flower of comfort and serenity that allows you to regain your joie de vivre.

10. Rescue

This relief remedy developed by Dr. Bach is the best known of all. Five flowers come into its composition: the Helianthenium, the Impatience, the Myrobolan Plum tree, the Star of Bethlehem and the Clematis. It is a real all-in-one to take in the urgent needs of letting go, of stressful and distressing situation.