5 Foods to Relieve Constipation Fast

1. Bran

One of the richest sources of insoluble fiber, the fiber that helps bowel movements move faster through the intestine, bran can be replaced for some of flour in muffins or breads, sprinkled on oatmeal or yogurt, or you can find bran cereal at the grocery store.

2. Prunes

A prune is a dried plum, which is also rich in insoluble fiber as well as sorbitol, a naturally occurring sugar alcohol. Prunes are easy to add as a snack throughout the day, mix with nuts for trail mix, or blend in a smoothie.

3. Leafy Greens

This includes spinach, kale, arugula, and romaine. A super star of health containing antioxidant vitamin C and beneficial minerals when consumed raw as well as insoluble fiber. Leafy greens are a great addition to sandwiches, blended in smoothies, or paired with your favorite dressing for a salad.

4. Flaxseeds

Not only are they a great source of insoluble fiber, they also contain healthy omega-3 fatty acids which are beneficial for brain and heart health. Best if consumed ground or milled to maximize nutrient absorption, flaxseeds are great added to yogurt, oatmeal, breads.

5. Celery

From its high water content to antioxidant benefits to the protective effects for your intestinal lining, celery is a must for your diet. Celery is also a source of insoluble fiber and is best if consumed raw for constipation.  Celery is great chopped and eaten plain, with peanut butter, dipped in hummus or your favorite dip.

Also remember to include plenty of water and 30 min of physical activity as able (such as walking, jumping jacks, or running) to maximize benefit of these foods for constipation.

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