8 Tips for Better Digestion

Good digestion begins with a healthy diet, optimal hydration, a few exercises and good habits at the table. Digestion is a sensitive process that can be capricious.

If you are one of those whose intestines can quickly remind you of your slight dietary differences, here are some tips that will help you find the balance.

1. Eat healthy

The first rule to follow is of course to eat a balanced diet. Vegetables, proteins… A complete plate at each meal will help you overcome your digestion difficulties.

2. Chew your food more

Chewing is essential to avoid unnecessary efforts on your stomach. When the stomach is digesting less chewed foods, it has to produce more gastric juices. These are the juices that give you the sensations of unpleasant burns. So take your time at the table…

3. Favor some spices…

Although it is known that spicy food is not ideal for good digestion, some spices play a positive role in this process. This is the case with pepper, ginger and licorice, which in addition to helping you digest food, can reduce your stomach pains.

4. … and avoid certain foods

If cooked vegetables are especially recommended, raw vegetables will promote irritation of your digestive system. Others are known to promote digestive disorders, such as soft drinks, chewing gums and sweeteners.

5. Stick to a diet rich in fiber

You need at least 30 g of fiber per day. You will find fiber in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, pulses and oleaginous fruits. Feel free to vary them, they will be even more effective.

6. Eliminate lactose

Unknowingly, some people have difficulty tolerating lactose. The latter then becomes responsible for all their digestive problems. To be certain, try a remedy without lactose from special milks found in the trade, or try yogurts.

7. Drink a lot of water

Your digestive system will be more effective if you help it by drinking a lot of fluid throughout the day. Water is not your only option and fruit juices, soups and herbal teas will do the same job. Avoid, however, coffee and tea that tend to promote heartburn.

8. Stroll

Whether you are at home or on a lunch break, take the time to walk for a few minutes after each meal. Sometimes it only takes a short walk of 50 meters to help your body. If you work sedentary all day, this small walk will also help you fight against the misdeeds of a sedentary lifestyle, so do not deprive yourself!