6 Reasons to Drink Vegetable Juice

Because they contain innumerable virtues, many want to eat more vegetables. However, few of us actually manage to consume enough each day.

They're too complicated to cook or you're not hungry enough to eat the required amount, the reasons for the marginalization of vegetables are multiple. So that it is estimated today that only 25% of American people manage to follow the recommendations of the National Institutes of Health, by consuming the minimum of 5 servings of fruits and vegetables per day. If vegetables in their traditional form do not really have the appeal, vegetable juices could be a viable alternative, in the search for a healthier and more balanced diet. We believe in it and in this article we give you 6 good reasons to go there.

Reason # 1: You can drink more vegetables than you can eat

In the form of juice, we consume many more vegetables than we could eat! It is therefore a simple and easy way to put vegetables back in the heart of your diet. By consuming a single juice containing 500 g of pressed vegetables per day, we are already leading the pack of vegetable consumption in the US (today estimated at less than 350 g per day).

The daily dose of vegetables that you can hold in the hand, is a good step towards finally meeting the recommendations of the NIOH!

Reason # 2: They are healthier than fruit juices

The sacrosanct morning orange juice… almost a religion for some! Although fruit is a favorite food in our daily diet, it must be kept in mind that consumed in juice, their sugar content is high. A standard glass of fruit juice bought in the supermarket has an average of 4 serves of sugar… Vegetables, on the other hand, naturally contain much less sugar than their peers in the form of juice, and are packed with vitamins, enzymes and minerals.

Reason # 3: There are incredible synergies between vegetables

Did you know that vegetables can be up to 100 times more nutritious? That's not all, unexpected chords can create stunning recipes.

Each of your recipes can easily mix 6 or 7 varieties of different vegetables, especially those that we know least how to cook! Intelligently combining your ingredients allows you to combine their complementary benefits and create deliciously unexpected flavors. Have you ever tasted the subtle marriage of pear and broccoli? To the magical alliance of pepper and pomegranate? Your taste buds may well have some surprises.

Reason # 4: We enjoy the benefits of cold extraction

Most of the vegetable and/or commercial fruit juices are pasteurized (actually cooked), which certainly eliminates all pathogenic bacteria, but at the same time alters the nutrients and all trace elements found in plants! You must therefore favor juices that have never been heated. Thanks to the combination of the two techniques of cold extraction and high pressure preservation, all the nutrients found in vegetables are preserved and you enjoy the best of the vegetables.

Reason 5: Optimum nutrients are assimilated

The micro-nutrients contained in vegetables are fabulous for the proper functioning of the body. But, as we have seen, cooking destroys a good part of it. For better assimilation, it is better to consume them raw! (some are better than others).

In normal a normal functioning body, the work of the digestive system is to extract these nutrients by breaking the cell walls of vegetables. The fibers are then put aside to absorb the most possible nutrients, and for the intestines, it is not easy. So this is all an extra benefit of the juice compared to raw vegetables: in the drink, the fibers have already disappeared, the digestive system is not activated, and the nutrients are assimilated in there almost entirely by the body.

Reason # 6: We save our precious time

We would all like to consume more vegetables, but often we lack the courage to peel, inspiration to cook, and sometimes opportunities to eat. The rhythms of modern and urban life do not make it easy and we easily disconnect from the plant world!